Integrated Security Management Platform

CQCloud's Next Generation SIEM Solution Medusa provides outstanding, effective analysis of security events which have arisen from various security devices such as Firewall, IPS/IDS, Web Application Firewall, VPN and Anti-DDoS devices. In addition to this powerful analysis function, Medusa SIEM supports monitoring/prevention/protection against DDoS Attacks for its valued customers using patented technologies, know-how and proven field experience. Such a Network Monitoring function and Anti-DDoS functions are integrated with SIEM functions in Medusa System. With it's proprietary leading-edge technology, it monitors any DDoS threats in real-time using its own monitoring system and responds to any type of attack, taking immediate action to redirect abnormal traffic into DDoS Mitigation Zones (DMZ) to protect its customers' networks using an advanced multi-phased blocking process and analysis engine. It's world-best solution detects even zero-day attacks using these differentiated technologies. At the same time, using high-performance indexing technology and strong correlation technology, the Medusa system offers detailed visibility into attack details by analyzing security events from various devices throughout the network. At the core of its customer's networks, CQCloud's invincible Event Analysis function and Anti DDoS solutions exist to guarantee the resilience of the customer's N/W from any DDoS attacks.





From Small & Medium Enterprise to Large ISP/IDC


CQCloud's Medusa solution can be introduced to various scaled network environment. For the internet service provider and internet data center, Medusa system will be core security platform to build  DDoS mitigation Zone (DMZ) to protect their network infra-structure against DDoS attack.  and For an enterprise, Medusa system can be the key solution to manage various security devices.







         ● protect the network infra against DDoS traffic
         ● provide security management service as a edge service to the customers
         ● support DDoS shelter to small and medium enterpise for the public purpose



  For Enterprise

         ● protect the web serivices from DDoS attack
         ● build  Security Management System to manage the legacy security devices



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